Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Change we can believe in?

We are a great many people, also outside of the US, that celebrates the outcome of the presidential election today. In the Real World, the inhabitants in one of the most influential countries have chosen a different political path. A different kind of leader. A different kind of cabinet.

In Second Life, we are stuck with M Linden. And Jack and Katt’s cabinet.

Note: This is not to attack those 3 avatars in our world, they do good things and bad things like every avatar does, but whatever we may feel about them, we do not have that power to change, like our RL counterparts have.

That’s why it kind of saddens me when people now flock over to the OpenLife grid. Because that world too is an owned world. That world too is a RL business that in the end will be governed by the wish to make money. It will just be a while before we get there.

I have a dream (sic), that sometime, in the future, we will be able to live in a grid we own together. A world where we can decide how to host our regions. Where we by choice of election decide the central policies of the grid.

Now, when the inhabitants of such a grid actually have a campaign, an election and a celebration like the one we see in the world outside today, we really have a second life!

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