Tuesday, July 13, 2010

32 of 52 - On the move

Lately, I have felt a little lost, living alone in a skybox above some crappy mainland. Some new neighboor at the place where I kept my shop and skybox home also started to pollute the area with tasteless particle effects LOL. So, I decided it was time to move again. Somehow, I keep dropping by the Winterfell estate, so when a search showed a free parcel there, I took the leap and started to move. Rezzing the skybox was rather painless, but moving all the artwork took a bit of time, jumping back and forth to get a few and putting them up on the wall at the same place. Cat and Fuschia in particular have made works that are not grouped, so moving them took a little careful prim manipulation.

Down on the ground it is beautiful green, with a wood and a seafront. My closest neighboor, Princess Ivory, has a cute little castle on the ground, and even has a nice blog! Hope to get to meet her some day:-)

For now, this means tirering down a bit in in SL, but since it's summer and lots of other stuff to do anyway that's OK. Not sure what to make on the ground yet, but I guess some idea will pop up soon enough!


iliveisl said...

have you tried coalesced objects? depending on the distance, you could take things like art work and link them together. once you take them into your inventory, they will be the name of their root prim - tip, for exact placement, add a new prim as the root and set its location relative to say the root of the skybox, then when you rezz them out, just set the root in the same relative place (like 2 metres west of the door and one metre south of the sofa)

Princess Ivory said...

Welcome to Winterfell Ebonshire!

Cristopher Lefavre said...

@Princess: Thanks a lot!

@Ener: Thanks for the tip - I did use coalesced objects; the trick was just to be able to select each prim, since some where place inside others (3 seagulls flying around in side a transparent globe, no less:-) ) I know there is a trick to select all prims inside a cube, but somehow I don't trust it.

Wildstar said...

greetings Sir, and welcome to Ebonshire ! :)

I'll look for you to say "hi" in person

Cristopher Lefavre said...

@Wildstar: Thank you sir, I will contact you when I land at these shores the next time!