Monday, June 6, 2011

Tender and alive

Cat Boccaccio har a new exhibit at Galerie 17.  It is called "tender", and consists of several works showing love in female - female relationships.

I find these images hard to describe, or at least describe why they leave the impression they do.  The thought that yet again is foremost in my mind is "how does Cat manages to convey true emotions from avatars?"

These images are strong and touching. They tell a story that is both human but also deeply connected to the social structure of Second Life.  Also, the quality of the images are superb.

Do take a look at these pics.

And yes, I am still alive.  Actually, my RL is more alive than for a long time; perhaps that's why my SL suffers gravely, as this blog is a silent vitness of.  But I have not let go, and I probably never will:-)

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