Sunday, July 24, 2011

Disbelief and mourning

Friday afternoon we believed that Oslo was being attacked by an international terrorist organization. A car bomb was set up, blowing up a central part of the city. Then there where reports about gunshots being fired on the site of a traditional youth summer camp. And we wondered: What next?

Saturday morning I woke up and was given the answer to the question "what could possible be worse than a car bomb making my beloved city look like a war zone?". The brutal truth of more than 80 young people being cold-bloded murdered by a right-wing lunatic have made me cry all weekend, even though I knew none of them personally.

"If one person can hate this much, just imagine how much more the rest of us can love", one of the survivors said to cnn. I got an Im from an old friend in SL I have not met in a long time, asking if I was hurt. I have spoken to other friends as well. SL
Virtual worlds can really be an outlet for love as well.

In a somewhat crazy RL, that's a comforting thought.

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Honour McMillan said...

The grief you and your fellow citizens feel is tangible and you have the heartfelt sympathy of the world. The response of your Country to this tragedy has been inspirational and shows the extraordinary character of its people.
We can't fully understand the pain but we have cried with you.