Friday, July 27, 2012

In the mind of a Fae

After so many years of exploring the SL art scene, I am very thrilled when I discover someone I have not seen before.  I stumbled over some pictures of Fae Varriale at the Space4Art gallery, and they made me so curious that I had to see more.  It seems she is the co-runner of an art center - Branwen Arts - so I  TP-ed over to have a look.

The first impression was that her pictures was beautifully done, with keen eyes for details and colors.  But there where something more, and I found myselves returning several times to look more.  Today, I also managed to get Jayn to join me (we meet far to seldom these days), and we spent a happy hour discussing the works.

There is a lot of symbolism and themes in the exhibit - here are bits from medeival fantasy worlds, pagan beleifs and woodoo (at least thats what Sant la Muerte made me think of). The pictures are very different, with different styles and themes, but something common at last materialized for me.

I find that it's the strength of women, or the artists vision of the strength, that flows in all the works.  One see power, violence and struggle (like the character in "stealing your heart" is fighting her way through the storm), but also self-exploring and desire.  "Fragments" contains no nudity, but I still found it extremly erotic.

I certainly want to buy some of her works, but my main problem is that they all seem to belong together.  They tell me a story from inside the artists mind, and just one or two of the will not cover it all.  In the end I think I will have to throw a dice.

I just hope she keeps them on the wall for a long time.  Anyone serious of SL art should definitely visit this exhibit and learn more about the mind of Fae.  At least the parts she gifts us insight in.

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