Monday, May 31, 2021

Ich bin ein Berliner

Logging in this morning, I got a group notice stating that the exhibition Faces by Milena Carbone in New Berlin Park would soon be taken down.  Curious as I am, I entered the taxi and was dropped off under a bridge in a somewhat sad old Berlin street with bendt and rusty fences around a park.  Going inside, I got the same feeling as when you enter a park in Old Berlin (as in IRL, LOL) - the dirt and the noises are gone, and you are in a pocket of quiet serenity, where the bird sings on top of the sound of running water in the fountains.  

And then I could walk around and also enjoy great art - Milena is scraping away our masks, not only the Covid ones but all the layers below.  The image of fear really made me feel scared, and my favourite, Contempt, had so many layers that I need to study it more when I get it home.

I am glad I made the exhibit before closing - This is SL at it's very best, giving inspiration at the start of yet another day in the home office for the person behind this keyboard.  Thanks, Milena!

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