Sunday, May 17, 2009

Day of Constitution

I normally don't do much out of my FL country of residency in SL, but since today is our day of Constitution, I had to raise the flag!

The Norwegian Constitution was signed May 17th, 1814, but we did not get our real independence until 1905. However, May 17th is the day we celebrate with child parades, brass orchestras and outdoor gatherings of all sorts.

How I do wish for a virtual world where we actually would have the rights our constitution gives us: Freedom to select our leaders and form our society as we want it, like a true democracy. Not as it is today, when our world really is governed by the whims of a commercial company. OK, OSGris is today the closest we get, but since its still sort of an alpha world its a bit too limited to count. But it might get there!

In Norway, we waited almost 100 years before we got our freedom. In SL, we don't even have a constitution for a virtual world. Lots of steps are still ahead of us!

Have a happy day all of you!

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