Saturday, June 27, 2009

Empty workbench

Honour has been too kind in her story of our project work together, but the facts are about right so I won't recap. Suffice to say I loved it at first sight, perhaps not first and foremost the idea, but the actual products she showed me. Don't get me wrong, the ideas are breathtaking, but for me the visual was the first love.

Anyone acquainted with Honours products (trees, flowers and the like, not to mention SIM design!) knows about her sense of beauty and her obsession with detail. This is carried forward at a full level, making me really want to put in my best effort to at least try to match the vivid colors, the incredibly detailed textures and the varied builds of these products.

What you may not know is that her attention is not limited to prims and textures, but extends well into the realm of avatars and humans. She is a joy to work with because she is open to ideas, she is enthusiastic, and eager to praise what she likes. And at the same time being honest about what she wants to change, so that efforts are driven to unimaginarily heights.

I have enjoyed this project immensely, learned a lot and had the great satisfaction to laugh at the results of my scripting as they have played out in graphic details on my screen. A HUGE thanks to Honour for having faith in me all the way.

If I look at this as a pure project, the most amazing thing we have done is to launch the whole product line with 10 languages from the start. It has meant that all texts and interfaces had to be prepared before the scripting was done, to get them all translated and sorted out. Lots of thinking went into that bit, and it forced us to specify the product in rather great detail. I believe this is fairly unique in SL, and I hope it will make it more fun for non-english natives to use the product.

So, my workbench in my small hideaway skybox is mostly empty, it's almost as SL feels a bit empty as well. To my friends that feel I have been rather distant these last weeks: I will soon be back:-). Thanks for supporting me in this endeavor.

Hope to see a lot of you in Tailor Bay at July 1st. Bring your friends, spread the news, and I hope you will enjoy these creations as much as I have enjoyed working with them.


ahuva18 said...

Ah, Cris - I have to agree with all the lovely wonderful things you say about Honour - they are all true. But you are far too modest. From the sidelines I have been watching the two of you create this project, nurture it, enjoy it. There is no question in my mind that you and Honour were perfectly paired for this. You inspired her as much as she inspired you. Everytime she showed me a new flourish you added, I laughed aloud in glee. The two of you are simply brilliant together. Great job!!

Cristopher Lefavre said...

/me smiles happily, thanks for you kind words ahuva!