Sunday, November 22, 2009

Everything that has a beginning has an end

This blog has grown out from the plugged-in reality of Second Life, and as such has been more fun for me to write than for most of you to read I guess:-) But as The Oracle said: This is going to end one way or another.

And since I won't have it ending slowly growing into obliviousness because my mind evidentially has shifted focus when it comes to writing, I asked my beloved slave doll to feed the posts to the fire for me. It got so hot I had to back out a bit from the picture, lest my tears would extinguish the flames. But now it's done.

For those of you following this blog: I have been extremely grateful for every link and every comment and every hit. There are so much talented and creative writing in this SL blog sphere, and to be referenced from one of you has been an honor. Writing this blog has helped me grow in lots of ways, and I hope I will be able to contribute to our creative world again in another setting.

Take care my friends!


Jane said...

I have enjoyed reading this 'other side' of you so much: I think I understand - but it will be a big loss, an emptiness when I first log on.

I guess what I found so stimulating was the breadth of your interests: books, music, Obama, hallowe'en, SL builds, SL issues, new sims - that tremendous sense of adventure you captured in every post you wrote...

And the feeling that I was reading a real writer, a person who loves words, captures expressions, makes things come alive for me...

I will truly miss al this.

Honour said...

sigh I love your writing and not only because it helped me keep up with what you are doing inworld since we don't see each other often. I also enjoyed your view of events and your coverage of places and events I never see.
I will miss your blog - just don't disappear completely eh?

Joonie said...

This is very sad to come. I don't know the reasons behind it...maybe the muse just wasn't there. But I hope at some point you reconsider and return to doing what you have obvious talent for.

ITM, say hello some time in SL. And if you do return, I hope you'll let me know.

Take Care..hugs