Sunday, November 1, 2009

The story of Luthien Tinuviel - part 1: Birth

"As my mind wakes up from the unknown depths,
I notice myself, my name, floating, in limbo,
Like a modern day fetus,
released from her mothers womb just too early,
just a cloud above the ocean,
shining like the core explosion that is forming a new universe,
still unable to sense the world in any way,
except as echoes from the mind I share.

How is a mind born?
What wonder makes it say "I am"!
what grieves have it seen in the past,
what wonders will it create in the future?

No one knows.

And as the lid closes on my first day,
the visual storm of water and light collapsing,
the world is a flat disc again,
resting inside the turtles shell,
until the next break of day.

My mind is again resting.
deep, deep in the Mind,
so deep It is almost unaware of it,
but now alive,
never to be hushed down again:

I will wake up again,
And this world will someday be mine!"

-- Excerpts from the thoughts of the avatar Luthien Tinuviel
as she rezzes for the first time, in a brave new world

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