Wednesday, January 13, 2010

7 of 52 - Breaking Dawn with Vampires

Spent most of the evening reading through Stephenie Meyer's conclusion to the Twilight series: Breaking Dawn. To get in the mood I invited two of my small friends to join me; had to put one of them in a silver cage though as he was just too upset about the behaviour of his Italian relatives, LOL.

I'm a bit ambivalent about these books: For me, they have been real page-turners; It's seldom I am so deeply involved in a book, it compares to the feeling of reading Dan Brows The Da Vinci Code, Philip Pullmans His Dark Materials triologi, and Stephen Kings The Dark Tower series. And I guess that's basically good, even though neither Dan Brown nor Stepenie Meyer matches the other two mentioned authors. The plot is just a little bit simple; the rather overdone romantic relationship a bit over the edge, and there is a fair amount of sexism involved here. But I know I'm not really in the teenage girl group she is probably writing for:-)

I guess books are a bit like music: Lots of hits are easy to like immediately, but the real deep, involving and lasting music takes a bit of work to "get in to". But both can give you good feelings:-)

Excitement, romance and drama apart, there are some very innovative thoughts about the Vampire world as it is described in the books. The author manages to build a kind of believable universe around her characters. And some passages are very well written.

All in all, it made reading more tempting that SL that evening, and that's not a bad thing, really!

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