Wednesday, January 6, 2010


Notice anything strange in this pic? As you may or may not have thought about, there are no mirrors in SL. This mirrored floor is actually created artificially, by building mirrored duplicates of the posters (including mirrored textures!) beneath a transparent floor. The idea is just so good, and it's done so incredibly well, that the illusion works perfectly. This ground floor alone is a must-see if you are at all interested in SL building techniques and what is possible to do.

But the rest of the current exhibition in her main gallery is also just as great:

Oops, think I annoyed this guy! Maybe he does like to be fed anyway?

Watch out for these scary Matrix-inspired creations....

Fuschia Nightfire (aka Nina Camplin) has become my all-time favourite artist in SL with her ability to create works that blows away the boundaries of her RL art (murals) and show what an incredible medium a virtual world can be.

If you have not seen her art yet, get off that dance ball and take this tour!

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