Friday, August 27, 2010

38 of 52 - Enerville Gone (again, sigh)

The straight edge is the result of a known OpenSimulator bug :-)

Ener has been tidying up her sims in ReactionGrid, even to the point of sinking the landscape down in the sea, as a sort of a sci-fi version of Atlantis. I won't call her silly - whenever I have left land in SL I have allways cleaned up after me. And while I don't loose sleep over Ener Hax (even if I prefer cognaq to martinis:-) ) it's a bit sad that Enerville is gone - again. Whenever I was a bit stuck in RG, I used to tour Enclave harbour just to loosen up and get some inspiration. Thanks for that, Ener! I will certainly start hypergridding in when new Atlantis has again risen from the virtual sea:-)

Still no waiter in this estate, and now I guess noone will ever come:-)

But there are other interesting places in RG. I decided to take a tour around the grid.

A Hebrew teacher is building this temple:

There is a recreation of the 1939 New York World's Fair (WF1)

Here are cities...

... and a small version of London :-)

Now, there are lots of these experimental build sim's (including mine, LOL), and I find it refreshing that lots of people are experimenting with virtual worlds, even if none of us are very professional builders. As a social and entertainment plattform, SL has reached a level of detail and quality in the content available that is unattainable for people who's main focus is not the creation itselves but the use of inworld build mechanisms in education or creativity. The SL tier price is just too high for non-professionals too. Somehow, OSGrid sims seems to have a focus on usability instead of impression; of being the work of involving teachers as a backdrop for their personal contact with their student; of being just pure joy of rezzing prims and feeling good about it.

Virtual worlds are evolving at every level - the future seems bright indeed!


iliveisl said...

nice post! those other places are coming along nicely. the Hebrew teacher is from SL and his two kids are helping him build (i love his daughter, she is wonderful to build with and incredibly sharp!)

but, like you said, i'll only be a hypergrid jump away, hopefully in the next month or so, but it will be more dependent on when RG upgrades, unless you have an OSGrid account

keep building your conference centre - i think others would like to have something like it (hint: he is making quite a well designed business centre using all of the virtual world best practices)

Cristopher Lefavre said...

thanks for the comment:-) And my OSGrid account is actually 2 weeks older than yours...