Tuesday, March 23, 2010

17 of 52 - Exploring ReactionGrid

You have to be a virtual world enthusiast to hang a building on a chain like that:-)

A while ago I stubled over the ILiveISL blog written by Ener Hax. I liked it so well that I had to take a look at her estate, Enerville, and liked that so much too, I actually considered moving there. Then the very next day, Ener announced the closedown of her estate.

Just sad.

But then she started to write a lot about the OpenSim based ReactionGrid. Pictures on her blog suggested interesting things. So, when she announced the opening of Enclave Harbour I took the first interstellar taxi to reactiongrid.com to register myselves there. Registration certainly was easier than LL's, and for sheer luck the Rainbow viewer that I mostly run had an entry for ReactionGrid, so before you know it I landed on a welcome plaza, like a handsome noob again:-)

One of the core administrators sat napping in his chair... hmm wonder how this grid runs when they sleep at work?

Yes, this seems to be the entire grid!

A short Map TP later (it's REALLY NOT a big world you know) landed me on a beach full of junk. Hmm.. and I thought Ener was so environmentally aware, running her estate on solar power...

I stumbled around a bit, found a road, and then the first signs of a civilization.

Admiring the view at the top of the lighthouse

I did a bit more exploration of the 16-sim estate.

What will be in here, I wonder?

Where are the martians that landed here?

They are not warming themselves by the fire...

Some rough scripting still; steering this boat seems a bit different when lying with my head beneath the seat LOL

Ener has done some great builds, like this sun-deck-on-a-gigantic-flower thing:

And the start of a commercial center:

Still a rather empty world, 590 unique logins last month; seems too much to hope for a waiter to bring my icecream

The entire estate has 1 - one - shop, but it's a nice one:-)

No wondering where you are!

There are wind power...

...and solar power plants

But somehow, the place is not as peaceful as I imagined. Seems the estate is under siege, could it perhaps be some L***** **b agents flying around in that UFO, eagerly awaiting for a moment to crash the party? Anyway, the gun is constantly following it, so I guess they are serious with security around here:-)
Solar-driven gun? What happened to "make SLove, not waReaction"?

Finally I ran into Ener. Not just a great builder, she was also a most welcoming and nice person.

A really cool avatar lady!

She TP-ed us over to where Nickola was building a learning path. We ended up talking and having fun (well, the two ladies was the most fun I have to admit, making fun of my counties fjords and some very unhealthy canadian food I promply forgot the name of LOL), but it was a great time!

One noob and two pioneer gridnauts

Nickola had made a nice ride, which I had to admit already had tested.

I am glad the default avatar had such strong arms:-)

It was a great evening even if there hangs a shadow above me: my best friend in SL has suddenly vanished from the grid. I so hope she is fine. Please come back.


Jane said...

Fascinating Cris - and I love Ener's builds - but I do hope we're not going to lose you from SL altogether! Internet connections do incredible things to one's ability to access - or interpret - communication in virtual worlds: you couldn't load pics - and I couldn't download some of these...
Ah well!

Cristopher Lefavre said...


At the moment, I'm not the one lost from SL... I do hope it's just the connection yes:-)

and no, for the forseeable future I will be in SL too; here are friends I need to meet, and a much wider audience, although I do look at OpenSim solutions for some projects that would frankly be just too expensive in SL.

Take care!

Anonymous said...

Poutine, Cris. Ener's favorite Canadian food is poutine. :-)

It was good to meet you. I hope you will stop by again for a full tour. Once poutine and fjords were mentioned in the same sentence, everything else seemed much less interesting.

iliveisl said...

wow, so nice! thank you for the absolutely most wonderful and heart warming post!

it was very nice and an honour to meet you

consider yourself quite the adventurer! of the several hundred peeps i know from sl (many i know from being a mentor), only a very small number have had the gumption to come check out reaction grid

but then, you are no ordinary avatar either! not many people appreciate the effort it takes to blog, but you do and that speaks volumes to you as a person

thank you again for the incredibly kind words. i simply do my best to be me, even as an avatar (often that means i am a blabbermouth) =)

Cristopher Lefavre said...

Nickola: Thanks for reminding me:-) Yes, I'd love a full tour, something tells me this is not the last time I'm in this grid.

Ener: The honour is all mine; I'm looking forward to see all you will accomplish in this brave new world:-)

iliveisl said...

you should be a reporter o sorts! you were very thorough and your keen eye could share your perspective with others. i loved how you wove some story lines into this. such as the sleeping admins and the Martians and the environmental awareness

i wish i could take credit for all, but a few sims are being developed by others, like Nickola, whom you met, and Micheil, Dream Walker, Sunny, and Kriss - oh subbie too, he built the megamall, but without groups, i end up buying it from him and modding it

reaction grid is a delight to build in

i am somewhat biased though - with so many sims and freedom to build, i am in my own element. like last nite i added more to the mountain weather station and also just was silly making coconut drinks with Dream Walker

i am very fortunate to have such free reign and do what i like to do in-world (and it's a bonus to get to meet people like you!) =)

Cristopher Lefavre said...

Ener, you are too kind; I'm just writing whatever comes into my mind:-) Hope to make you a silly drink soon!

And when it comes to building in RG, I have to agree: It's simply addictive - no more 10 meter limits or searching for the most correct megaprim when you need it - and as fast and responsive as SL too.