Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Snaily day and a new peacock

PC and internet trouble forced me on to the mini PC with a cellular modem... the statistics shot above was actually nice, when I started I got a sim ping time of more than 8 seconds....

For those of you not knowing the details in this tool: FPS shows how many pictures are rendered every seconds. As you know, a movie runs at 24 FPS, if you get less than that then movements begin to look jerky. So 1.7... I will say no more:-)

Bandwith says something about the capacity for download, particularily for textures. The less this value, the longer SL takes to download all the textures in the scene. 599 is actually not bad.

Ping sim on the other hand says how long it takes the client to get a response on a sent signal. If that value is high, you are in trouble. 8 seconds means that if you press the up arrow to start moving forward, other persons will see you start moving in the sim 4 seconds later. You, however, will not see yourselves move until 8 seconds after you pressed the key. And if the server finds out you are bouncing into a wall, and sends the client a message saying "stop", it will take several seconds until it gets that message, and in between you may drift uncontrolled into space. Sometimes the message never gets through, and you crash:-( So, sim ping time is a nice thing to look up for.

Now I'm off home to debug my connection. Ninka sent me her new peacock, but I just kept crashing trying to unpack it.... Looking forward to see it for real!


iliveisl said...

YIKES!!! dang, that is unusable!

any luck getting better fps?

Cristopher Lefavre said...

Hehe, often I do get a bit better, but normally I don't use this combination of mini PC and cellular net.

The mini PC on an airport LAN is another story though, 8-10 fps is quite normal then.