Wednesday, March 31, 2010

18 of 52 - Building in ReactionGrid

Sunset in my offshore sim Vaiya. Stars and Stripes raised to greet an unexpected visitor.

This is not a "Linden Lab sucks and I'm leaving Second Life" kind of post. Not at all. Not that I don't see why lots of people, not least estate owners, have reasons to feel less than well treated as large customers of the lab. But as it is today, Second Life is 100 times bigger in area and population that any other comparable grid. It does have features no other grid have. And I've got friends there (including my lost friend who is finally back!).

But the thing I really miss in SL is the opportunity to have a sim of my own, for a price that is sensible for my usage. (Hey, US 1000 to get it, and US 300/month? Sorry, forget it.)

Check out my cool red sneakers (yes, I seem to twist my legs all the time)

I have tried various grids based upon OpenSimulator several times. But it just have been too many bugs, to unstable. Until now, it seems. Tempted by the successful builds by Ener in Enclave Harbour, I decided to give ReactionGrid a go. The team not only set up the sim in a couple of hours, it also worked flawlessly from the first login. Now I've got what would compare to an SL OpenSpace SIM, just double the prims (8000, all mine!) for a price I can afford, even as an amateur builder with ambition of becoming pro.

And they do know how to treat a customer right! The first evening Felix Techie came to visit, wondering if everything was OK. And later on, I've got an eMail from the CEO, wanting to hear my ideas for my sim. He came over yesterday, we had a nice talk, and he offered me various assistant. (I pay LL double what I pay him, but they won't even answer my support tickets... sigh. I guess they're too busy making pencils for M...)..

Got my flags and my Domino rezzer

After a week, whats the good, the bad and the ugly with Reaction Grid?

- Faster than SL when building
- Logins seems as stable as SL
- Sensible technical architecture means stability and low cost
- Scalable megaprims (no, not megaprims, ANY prim can be scaled to 256 meter!)
- You can fly as high as you want
- They actually got customer support!
- Professional and knowledgeable people come here
- Second Inventory transfer my objects fast and easily

- Landscaping is laggy in OpenSimulator (not specific to ReactionGrid).
- 590 unique logins last month

- Physics sucks. Watching my dominos falling is like watching grass growing. Ah well, cant have everything I guess:-)

I have not done much more than making an offshore team for my sim, and just started on a project 1000 meters above ground. I do look forward to do more though!

Happy easter, everyone!


Anonymous said...

Chris! Welcome to RG. I just got my own sim there this week as well. Mine is Kapuskasing on the southwest side.

I'll drop by to see you some time.

Cristopher Lefavre said...

Thanks Nickola! And what a great name for a sim! You are welcome to visit anytime.

Kyle said...

Cris lets try the Ninja Physics option together. See this on our "Ninja" sim in action anytime. It has some features you will be amazed at and requires no coding to get the basic hinge, ball and socket etc going. Thanks for passing on the pros and cons of Opensim/RG!

Krissy McK said...

Awesome you like RG Cris! Let me know if there is room for me in the Physics conversation, I am having terrible trouble with my sits in my furniture. =/

Cristopher Lefavre said...

@Kyle: I had a brief look in Ninja, and yes: The concept of joints looks awesome!

It does not make ODE (OpenDynamicsEngine) physics any better in simulating gravity and collision forces on physical objects (an small area where the Havoc physics engine in SL is just more realistic I am afraid), but it opens up other possibilities not currently available nor planned in SL at all.

And this is just one of the major new developments in OpenSimulator. Hypergrid and Megaregions are other important new features that will give OS based grids an edge. Hmm, I think this theme requires a full post:-)

@Krissy: I'll keep you posted:-)