Saturday, October 2, 2010

44 of 52 - Three years in SL

There is a certain tradition of jumping naked from the sky on your rezday.  It's supposed to make you reflect on your second life, what it's worth to you and to help you decide whether or not to go on with it.

What to say: Those incredibly hot pictures was snapped on the office computer, and the office is now a week away LOL.  So I'm sorry to say you all have to miss my naked butt falling down on the Winterfell estate.

That ought to make you happy:-)

So, my forth year in SL started by looking at the beauty of the sea and the green and my naked ass.  Sounds quite appropriate.

To see what the future might hold, I then decided to try the Display Name feature.  Fired up an old alt account, logged into the dreaded Wiewer2 GUI and managed to find the correct button.  Just to get a grip on how it would feel, I set my real life name as display name and started to walk around.

Yes, if ever one can talk about avatar identity, it was a bit lost now.  This was just me, walking around the project grid.  When this is going to the main grid, I will definitively explore this further - it somehow felt rather cool.

I see the attraction for some "serious use" of virtual worlds.  If ever SL will be the platform of choice for such use.  Of course, in OpenSim, you can register any name you like, so this is really not needed, except perhaps for the unicode possibilities.

This was a kind of hasty and messy post, I guess a bit like how my SL feels right now.  Now it's on to a RL vacation instead:-)


iliveisl said...

wowowow! three years! fantastic and congrats!

that says a lot (most people don't last that long)

cool about the real name thing and yes, i do have my real name as an OSGrid account, just in case

have a wonderful vacation! =)

Cristopher Lefavre said...

Thanks Ener:-)