Friday, January 21, 2011

New SL Hardware

One of the things that has made me so tired of SL lately is a steadily decline in performance from the laptop I use most often for SL. The way my friends list is just full of "loading".  The way it slows down to a crawl.

So this week I rezzed a new graphics card for my desktop computer, and now I am testing out different OS-es and viewers.  Fun really!  I hope that I soon will be ready to really explore SL again!

I started out with Ubuntu 32 bits, but as I had some crashes when flying over sim crossings in my beloved but oh so demanding estate of Winterfell (well, not really mine, I just live there...), I switched to Windows 7.  Same shit.  So now, the 64 bit version of Ubuntu is wading into the hard drive, and I am kind of excited about how that will work!

When testing, I was kind of impressed by Kirstens latest viewer.  It's got the viewer2 GUI with some twists, so it works a lot better.  The dreaded sidebar and all the GUI windows are transparent, for instance.  And I love the slider at the top of the window that controls your draw distance without the need to open the Settings dialog.

Anyway, the card gives some awesome pictures of the world on the 24" screen, so it's a lot of fun!  Stay tuned!

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