Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Dangerous experiment continues

(What happend before: Cristopher Lefavre found a strange triangle outside his sim, where a new TP menu was available. After doing some research, he clicked on the RL item, and suddenly found himselves in a very strange environment)

I recognize this grid! I am sure I have been here before! Strange....

The sunset is very high resolution, but somehow even an estate manager can't set the sun position. And there is no environment menu...

I found myselves in a small boat outside a large island, comprised by at least a 100 sims. I started to explore, and lo and behold: I was right! Not only have I been here before but the 1024 sqm parcel I bought that summer was still there, with all my builds intact. I think I'll just lie down in the sun for a while....

Week 2:

I have started to build again, and is constantly reminded of the strange ways of this grid:
  • All prims are physical.
  • There are no phantom prims.
  • I can't script the prims!
  • There are no prim limits, but prims have to be bought at a builders shop and can be expensive.
  • No megaprims available in this grid either.
  • When a prim is reduced in size, it can not be made larger again.
  • Prims detoriate with time.
  • Retexturing takes a long time as each layer of texture need to dry.
  • Flexible prims to cover windows are normally bought by woman and is even more expensive.
  • All clothing are flexi prims attachments, and womans clothes can be ridiculously expensive (ah ok, same as SL....)
After a trip to a builders shop I got back with 29 prims that I intend to use to extend an outdoor floor. That set me back a full month tier for an island. LOL! But I expect these 29 prims to last for 50 years, which is more than can be said about anything buildt in SL.

Emerald asks on her latest blog post "Are you in Second Life to stay, meaning, now that you're here do you think it'll always be a part of your life?"

The answer to this is Yes, I think, IF I manage to finish the process of making SL a part of my one life, like blogs and facebook and internet banking is now. Really living a full Second Life is like burning your candle in both ends. And end up feeling discontented with both lives, not really being present in either but allways worrying about things happening in the one you temporarily disconnect from.

After checking my profile I find that my rez day in this grid is getting close, and the event calendar says I will have some visitors then. I better finish my build......


Emerald Wynn said...

"Flexible prims to cover windows are normally bought by woman and is even more expensive."

This made me snort coffee all over my keyboard.


Thank you for the mention - I loved your feedback.

Cristopher Lefavre said...

Aw! I'll send you a new virtual keyboard when I get back:-)

Honour said...

Happy Birthday kiddo! I'm glad you're enjoying your "explorations"! :)

Cristopher Lefavre said...

"Kiddo"? Thanks Honour, nobody else calls me that anymore:-)