Thursday, July 16, 2009

Heritage Key - New home of Rezzable

After walking through the Black Swan I just had to peek into the new grid that Rezzable will move to. Downloading software and registration went nicely, Heritage Key uses a 1.21 - based viewer, and feels a little bit old-fashioned, but it works. I get to name the av after me, and after walking through a room with vendors giving out a few skins and clothing articles, I look like this:

Not really "me", but....

First stop is a room with a few web links:

Then I get to fly a balloon over a barren landscape (actually a map!), before landing on an excavation site:

The most interesting objects in this grid are the teleporters. They work the way they should, that is you walk right into them and suddenly you are TP-ed to another location.

Yeah, I know, in SL they would be badly abused, griefers would send you through an infinite loop of interconnected TP-s, but it feels much better to walk through a gateway than having to click and sit on it.

I ended up at the front of some virtual museum. A rather boring build with old-fashioned and simple textures.

Inside there are a few 3D objects you can look at, just like a museum. Note the gray fields of non-loaded textures on the right coffin: The whole grid was really kind of slow, making the experience less than ideal.

I found that a lot of the "fancy" interior made it hard to see the actual objects: It's like someone just HAD to use all those NPIRL features when decorating the interior.

This beautiful thing was hidden behind a lot of strange lines running around the room.

One thing strikes me:

The Heritage Key platform is several generations behind SL. The only reason to move to that grid is cost. Low cost - low capabilities. Simple as that. The Black Swan could just not give the same experience here due to server-based texture loading problems.

So, Prokofy Neva may be right when he states that Rezzables business model just doesn't work. I'd say that if you cant make money on SL, you definitely can't make them easier on any OpenSimulator powered grid right now.

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