Thursday, July 2, 2009

More dolls and a concert

Had a late start in SL yesterday, and when I came on, Honour had finished the DollCozy floor of the shop. Looked very nice! In the shop I ran into Emerald Wynn and a friend of her, whose name I have forgotten, I'm so sorry to say - but nice to meet fellow bloggers; and even more so when they buy dolls:-)

These guys are just too cute:-) Or are they gals? I have though of them as males since Honour first gave me one to script, but they do have this kind of unisex appearance.

Tried to script a little something for the doll exhibit, but SL misbehaved tonight and would not even open the editor.... aw, rather tired of it anyway:-) I have heard about writers block, can it apply to scripting as well?

So I looked for some live music and found a performance by Carmen Roeth at the Cute's Club (LOL they even have this "I'm cute" group tag... somehow I quickly replaced it with the Dramatic tag).

Anyway, Carmen has a great voice, a hot avatar, and is a real performer keeping contact with the audience (even when the lag in the SIM with 57 avatars made her glide off the stage into some strange never-never land). Writing this, I just love the voice, now soft, now a bit rasping, gliding through classic Jazz and some real rock&roll.

Technology moves forward; it was really amazing to be able to follow a live event with sound on a laptop with a cellular phone connection, in a sim with more than 50 people. OK, so my framerate was between 2 and 4 on low graphics setting, but I did not crash once! Just a year ago, that would have been impossible!

As for cellular connections: I have noticed that the latest version of the linden viewer, including Snowglobe, is much less demanding on network bandwidth when "idle". Earlier versions where using 100kb/s even when nothing was moving on the screen. When you run on a line with download limitations (I have 5Gb/month on my cellular), that is really annoying. The imprudence viewer used to be the answer to those situations, but now I find the LL viewer performing at least as good.

I plan some experiments with different types of viewers on different kinds of computers and connections - I have this vague feeling that alternate viewers does not really give the performance gain a lot of people claim. But that needs to be verified, and I may not have time to spare the next few weeks. Well, there will not be fewer viewers to test even if I wait a few weeks.

/me hoping the script editor will work today


Emerald Wynn said...

How could I pass up on Drama Dolls? Laugh! Brilliant concept.

That was my friend Galene Karu, sometimes known as Opheila Magic, sometimes known as Hera Mahogany, depending on which AV she's using. *smile*

It was a pleasure meeting you!

Cristopher Lefavre said...

Aw, Thanks Emerald!

And Opheila it was:-) All I did remember was that it was a beautiful name starting with O, and the name did not match the blog.....