Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Laptop Struggles - updated: No struggles anymore!

A little while ago I got this new laptop at work, and while I thought it was kind of godsend to get a powerful computer for SL (too lol), and it really helped finishing the dolls, it does have a serious side effect.

I really cant get out of my workroom!

As long as I stay within 4 walls I get a nice 25fps framerate. But as soon as I walk out of the door and the screen starts to show a few more objects, its like someone inside decides to hit the breaks. The whole things slows down to a lower frame rate than my mini PC, and walking by the Seine I more often than not fall into the water.

The ""¤%¤# thing is powered by an AMD CPU and graphics card. There is a ton of Jira complaints about problems with SL and AMD Radeon graphics card. I have added my own to the weight, lets hope LL actually do something with it soon!

In the mean time, if you plan to fork out money for a computer to run SL, stay away from AMD. Get an NVidia/Intel powered thing instead.

UPDATE: After a reinstall of the ATI drivers that did not help the official viewer or Snowglobe, I tried the Cool Viewer with the special ATI installer. Lo and behold, now I have 20-25 fps all over my place! Hope LL grabs those patches, it means that they can no longer blame it all on ATI.

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