Tuesday, April 20, 2010

21 of 52 - Fuschia again

I really don't know where she gets it from. But Fuschia Nightfire never ceases to amaze me.

Yes, I've seen all-white environments before, but they have all been huge skyboxes or full sim places. Fuschia has managed to fit the entire installation inside a 20m sculputured megaprim on the ground, and it still captures the whole screen when you are inside.

I'm usually very involved when I'm inworld, that is I have a strong sense of "being" my avatar. Ener had a blog post about this that I found very interesting. Just like me, she use to position her avatar facing the one she is talking to. It feels kind of right to keep your av aligned to the actual action. When I'm around looking at art, I mostly walk around, letting my av "look at" the work, even if I use the Cam controls to zoom a bit. Somehow it does not feel right to just let Cris sit in a corner while I cam around the whole place.

It's really not just emotional either. The main difference between virtual worlds and the Web is NOT that everything is in 3D (there are 3D web apps around, and lots of 2D content in SL). No, the main difference is that everyone viewing a location is also represented there for everyone else to see. And that's really huge. Even if it's just an avatar without any Real Life info being viewable, it still breaks the normal anonymity people are used to on the Web.

So, as a courtesy to everyone else around I feel it's right to let my avatar indicate what I am looking at and what I am doing. Because a virtual world is all about participating, not just looking.

Anyway, when the SL window goes all-white I really feel I am enclosed in a bubble of white. It's like walking inside the work of art.

Again, art in SL is evolving at a furious pace. It's a great showcase for virtual worlds, because the medium offers possibilities not available anywhere else. Not just by viewing 3D art, but also by being able to participate in the art. There is a freebe white skin available inside the gallery, and by dressing more appropriate than I did, you can add yourselves to the artistic expression other gets WHILE watching it!

The installation is currently available at PiRats. She has also made a machinema of this installation, it's on You Tube.

PiRats is an interesting build btw. It's not spectacular in itselves, but it had a quality of design and build that I find rare.

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iliveisl said...

wow! what incredible art! and the point of it being contained in a 20 metre sphere is equally impressive

this truly is art - i am simply blown away at just your images of it - seeing it in person (in avatar?) must be awe inspiring

that's a really big benefit to identifying so closely to your avatar, you can allow yourself to be taken away by art such as this

i have spent up to a few hours just sitting my avatar on a bench and looking at art that we have in our little gallery, it carries me off to i don't know where, all through the eyes of my avatar - and in the final analysis - isn't that what art does? whether via an avatar that can visit places that the real person may never see or visit places that don't actually exist?

after all, art comes from the mind and then is interpreted by the mind =)