Sunday, April 25, 2010

Art and a ghost blogger

After a RL-heavy weekend it was nice to log onto SL for a short session (I thought LOL) and sort through some group messages.

First stop was the WASP (an australian university). Never got around to see M Lindens doodles; its nice to see that its possible to sit in them at least:-)

Next off to Cat's Cyberfunk exhibit at Gualdo. Something new from her again:-) I was just sitting wondering which one to buy....

And now the embarrassing part of this story begins. My viewer crashes on me. I try to log on again, and SL insists that my account is locked in a logout process for 5 minutes. I try again, and its another 5 minutes. LOL. Well, its late, I was kind of tired,and I just closed the lid, not thinking what I left behind....

When I checked the email this morning, there where several IM's indicating that people thought I was online, but just did not bother answering. Awww. Rude. But the worst part is that my ghost was still standing in the middle of Cat's exhibit. I discovered that when I still could not log in, and checked with an Alt.

Its a strange feeling, standing there, looking at "myselves", and not being able to do anything about it.

Seems I'm really stuck in the middle of nowhere for now: In SL, I'm a ghost that's visible, but can be walked right through. I am online as seen from any friends list, but if they try to IM me they won't get the offline message. Even so, the IM's are sent to email, as if I really was offline.

The Lindens are working on it (according to the ticket system) so I hope I will be able to get off (and on again!) soon. So to you who tried to reach me last night: I really was just dreaming:-)


Cristopher Lefavre said...

After LL Support twice have said it was solved, I am still a ghost. Sigh... At least I was not lying on my back on one of those strange cushons:-)

Jane said...

Hmm - yes - those cubes throw one into some strangely contorted positions! Does Cat know that you are the truly funky part of her exhibition? I imagine she'll love it!

Cat Boccaccio said...

Jane, you may be on to something... a haunting!

Poor Cris, hope LL has sorted it out.

As for the cushions, a few people who arrived for the exhibit headed off almost immediately to find and buy some. Priorities!