Friday, April 30, 2010

22 of 52 - Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid Lynx

This week has been spent almost mostly IRL due to lots of work, and my ghostly experiences in Cats exhibition. So I don't got a lot of exciting virtual world stuff to write about (LOL do I ever actually?).

Anyway, after reading this post by Melissa Yeuxdoux I clicked Update Version on my work Ubuntu computer today, and have found that both the official Viewer 2.01 and the Cool VL Viewer works fine. As do my VPN connection. It does seem that the computer is running just a little bit faster too! Once disconcerting thing is that the close window button is now at the top left of the windows instead of top right. Oh well, will probably get used to that:-)

Glancing at the release pages there seems to be a lot of new fancy stuff, so I hope to get Lyra upgraded soon too.

Next week I hope to finally get Cats price awarded picture on the wall; I have cleaned away some stuff.

Happy Free Weekend, everyone!

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