Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Updated: Carriage ride through Old York

RL work being crazily busy these weeks, I barely had time to pop into SL yesterday to pay tier for my small booth in Old York. (some of you know my history in this beautiful city goes a long way back; I opened up my first photo gallery there more than 2 years ago... ah, those old happy memories!)

Anyway, outside I met a nice horse that offered me a "free" carriage ride around the city. Sounded fun enough, so I got seated and had a few laughing moments of being guided through the streets and the forest.

Very unfortunately, I forgot to note down the name of this fun-loving SL-er playing horse for tips :-(

Anyway, so long, and thanks for a very nice ride!

Update: Fortunately, being the generous passenger I am, I did feed the horse some Linden love, and since that shows on the transaction history, I can tell you that the name of this great avatar is Cathartes Medina.


Anonymous said...

oh this sounds like great fun. should you remember the horse's name, let me know. nothing like a getting the information straight from the horse's mouth! :)

Cristopher Lefavre said...

ROFL ahuva! That's a good one:-)

Fortunately for you, you may now find the name in the updated blog post:-) Just remember, the truth may hurt!