Thursday, February 18, 2010

12 of 52 - Gallery visit

I am a long-time fan of the art of Fuschia Nightfire (flickr, SL Facebook) in SL. So when I got a group message about a new exhibit of hers in Shamen Galleries, I just had to go look at it.

This time, she has made incredibly beautiful sculpt-based sculptures (sic), and sell them both as sculptures and pictures of sculptures. On first sighting I just saw the pictures (the models are outside LOL), and I was convinced she had made them by using avatar with poses and various skins. But next time I visited I looked around in the garden and saw the originals... omg, what a great work of art!

But this gallery holds a lot more. In fact, it's been a while since I have visited such a varied and high-quality exhibit anywhere. This incredible statue by CHUCKMATRIX Clip for instance (who sadly says in his profile that he's left SL).

If you have 222-odd free prims and three thousand L$ you too could have this piece in your hall

Some very colourful and exciting works

After a few visits here my living room is kind of "flowing over", I need more space for my art. Luxury problem I guess, maybe I should get a Linden home too?

Yeah, I know, I am probably not supposed to sit on the whip, but it was just too tempting:-)

I briefly met with Cierra Loxely and Rune Shamen who runs this gallery; they where both very welcoming and knowledgeable. (As for the welcoming bit: I find it a bit sad that as a visitor to various places one usually never gets as much attention as one does in the SL red light district; Shamen Galleries was a welcoming exception to this!).

And they have a nice coach for a tired blogger too:-)

Do take the time to visit this place. Highly recommended!

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