Saturday, February 20, 2010

Tipping the cow

I called Joonie; she was busy supporting Maximillion Kleene, who was having a concert at Gos. She TP'ed me over, and I'm glad she did. Max has a very sweet and involing voice, and I felt involved at once. No wonder there where 52 people at the show.

How do you describe a voice? It's really hard, because it was like it touched a nerve inside my neck; hitting some pleasure center in the brain that few singers finds.

No, the cow at the front of the stage did not sing. She was happy to receive tips however; falling over everytime someone showered Max with their lindens. I am more unsure about the function of the rubber duck; somehow I think that I don't want to know!

Gos is someone's mainstore; I have no idea what that someone is selling here, but the stage was nice so it might be good:-)

All in all, a great evening!

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Joonie said...

I love this post =) tysm for being there, Cris. So glad you liked Max. =) *hugs*