Tuesday, June 1, 2010

26 of 52 - What's in a virtual life? Music and dance anyway!

As I'm writing this, I am the the UWA to vote for Cat's entry in the competition they are running, "The UWA 3D Art and Design Challenge". Lots of interesting stuff around, do have a look!

Two blog posts have gotten my attention lately. Peter Strindberg wrote very personal about the relation between his first and second life, and how a change to the better in his RL really changed his SL. And London Spengler, triggered by a post by Quaintly, wrote about the reality of SL.

I wanted to write something clever about these issues, because they somehow touched me deep down as to how I feel about SL these days. But I think the summer heat has gotten to the creativity center of my brain, so for the moment it seems like an impossible task lol.

Instead, I let my alt out to find some music before closing my eyes last night. She found a singer kalled Krisie at Twilight Live, and had a nice quiet evening before the net broke down completely. She is a bad blogger though, not taking note of the full name of the singer nor making a slurl. But I guess that's life sometimes:-)

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