Monday, June 7, 2010

The Gracie Kendal Project

Gracie Kendal, aka Kris Schomaker IRL, is an artist specializing in colorful abstract oil and acrylic paintings. Since I first saw her work I have loved her colors, her vivid imagination and her large-scale expressions. She has a new exhibit out now, "Read All Over", at Karuna. It's not SL centric art, but art of a universal quality nontheless.

Other than her paintings, Kris has set up on a virtual travel, using her blog and even a book! to connect her RL identity as Kris with that of the avatar Gracie. If you are seriously interested in the theme of avatar identidy, then her "Gracie Kendal" project is definitely required reading. This is actually an art project in itselves, mixing her art with both pictures of herselves and her avatar. The dialogue between herselves and her avatar will make you both laugh and think.

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