Sunday, June 13, 2010

BBBC1: The Why and the How

Today's Topic: Why did you become a blogger? How has it enriched your life?

I started with an RL blog several years ago, mostly because of the tech involved in setting up a blog server in the basement LOL. To find something worthwhile to fill it with, I started writing reviews of every novel I read (and since that was pre-SL time for me, I actually had time to read a few...).

After a while in SL i discovered the SL blogsphere, and that inspired me to start a blog about the art gallery I was running at the time. Cris' Gallery is now history, but the blogging habit survived.

Blogging my SL adds another dimension to it. It's also a kind of ice-breaker when I meet artists and gallery owners I like. It seems like a lot of my posts are about art; I have a strategy of only writing about the exhibits and works that touches me. It happens ever so often that I walk around galleries that just don't give me any good wibes - instead of writing a post basically saying "this sucks" I rather just pass it. So my blog is not a journal, it's biased towards the stuff I find I love in SL (and lately also in the virtual world beyond SL).

I find writing so fulfilling that sometimes it seems much more fun to blog about my SL that to actually live it. Sigh. But the knowledge that people all around the world reads what I write adds an excitement to the writing. So basically blogging enriches me because it is a natural form of getting out my creative (?) writing, just as SL sometimes releases my creative building skills.

I'm looking forward to this week, hope I can manage a post every day!


iliveisl said...

blogging can get in your blood! i never would have blogged if not for subQuark setting it all up. i went from blogging once or twice a month to averaging 1.3 posts per day in the last year! yikes, i need a life!

i like your posts and your viewpoint, that makes it interesting to read - for a moment i get to see the world from your eyes =)

blog on!

Cristopher Lefavre said...

Yes, it feels quite natural to blog these days, don't know if it's penetrated my arteries yet, but it's fun:-)

Thanks for your too kind words Ener!