Monday, June 14, 2010

BBBC 2: Life is good:-)

Prototyping a river sidewalk

First on the list of three positive things going on in my Second Life is actually happening outside of SL: I have finally gotten the inspiration to start building in my ReactionGrid sim again! Now, Ener has posted a lot about the pro and con about migrating to RG; suffice to say there are challenges indeed. Worst is the lack of all my favourite SL textures that I have no licence to export. But it's part of the learning progress, and kind of fun!

Treacle Darlandes and her great fractals

Back in SL, I find that great art is created every week. Few things in SL gives me more joy that discovering art and talking with artists.

And last but actually most important: I got someone that cares for me. Someone I care for. At the other side of the real world, but that does not matter at all. No list of positive things in my SL would be complete without that fact.


iliveisl said...

what??? another person in your life? i am soo crushed =( (psst, this will help the other person if get more crazy about you, i think?)

all kidding aside, awesome! on both building in reaction grid (i often have to fight to find inspiration - it's hard building in a bubble and yay on having someone in your life! i am so happy for you! =)


Cristopher Lefavre said...

Aw Ener, thanks:-)

I'm looking forward to the day I actually have something to show people in RG (if that day ever comes LOL).