Saturday, June 12, 2010

Exhibit @Shamen - that made me think

Under a full moon, Shamen Galleries floats magicaly in the air

Fuschia's dancers are inside the pyramid

The man in black is normally the villan...

Inside, the theme is also dance...

A merry-go-round amongst the dancers!

Tegan Jenvieve had some amazing dancers on display

[0:05] Tegan Jenvieve: the single dancer came first
[0:06] Tegan Jenvieve: and was just a organic work

[0:06] Tegan Jenvieve: wasnt trying to do it at first
[0:07] Cristopher Lefavre: hmm - so it kind of developed into a dancer?
[0:07] Tegan Jenvieve: yes

[0:07] Tegan Jenvieve: i dont plan sculptures
[0:08] Tegan Jenvieve: they become what they are ment to be

An artist at work while I watch - That's just what SL IS

In front of my eyes, a beautiful yet simple form was created - a butterfly unfolding its wings. I watched it grow, leaving the simple childhood, taking complex forms, changing colours - as the creators mind envisioned it. Makes me think of SL as the clay in the potterers hand, or as the keyboard of a composer.

[0:36] Cristopher Lefavre: Do you have any vision when creating this? Not neccesarily a vision of form; I wonder what kind of ideas drives this?
[0:37] Tegan Jenvieve: i just build til it says its done

In the middle of layoffs and uncertainty it shows a core part of what SL should be - and as long as that is still possible, a lot of other stuff makes no difference.

Sometimes, some singleminded thoughts race to the front of my mind, making me write stuff that, in hindsight, I can't understand how I could. What do I really care if SL has 1 or 7 or 70 million active users? I can understand that the business man M would rather want 70, but somehow I really don't believe that's possible, however much LL works on web integration, first hour experience and facebook connections. I just don't believe there are that many people in the world that is up to the creative standards of this virtual environment; be it as creators or inhabitants. Lets face it: The biggest MMO, WoW, has 11 million players, but that's a game and you don't need much imagination to walk around and slice each other up with swords. It takes a lot more to live in this world.

I am afraid we will still somehow be victims of money-mungerors that will do anything to make SL grow exponentially, instead of focusing on making this community incrementally better. The present mess would make me hesitate investing heavily in SL. But also, I firmly believe that the present population of SL is so strong and dedicated that I don't fear anyone hitting the button to turn off the moonlight in our world anytime soon. If the present management deciedes to throw in the towel because they can't make SL grow like a rocket, I am sure some other people would gladly step in to keep it "in maintenance mode", as Computerworld blogger Mitch Wagner expresses it.

But I won't try to predict too much. When it comes to SL, I try to live in the present. And today was a good one.

Thanks Tegan, for making my day!

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